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Moonfire: Learning the world's secrets. Xqi6vc
The blizzard has subsided and there is a thick layer of snow covering the ground. However the sun in shining brightly and there seems to be no clouds in the sky. Perfect time for sun bathing.
Current Temperature: 75
Season: Winter
Mating? Yes
Birthing? No

Moonfire: Learning the world's secrets.

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Moonfire: Learning the world's secrets. Empty Moonfire: Learning the world's secrets.

Post by Moonfire on Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:52 pm

Moonfire: Learning the world's secrets. 1128261651_ingenBlack


Age: two sun-cycles

Gender: Female

Species: Red Wolf

No Current Relationship

Wants time to decide to be part of this pack: Pack Friend

No Current Crush

Used to be part of the Pack of Twisted Dreams before taken

No offspring

Siblings: Fathom and Echo

Appearance: Dark black with occasional white loops

Personality: Curious about life and its knowledge. A dedicated learner and a little shy. Moonfire has several dark secrets, but will pledge ultimate loyalty to a invaluable creature. She is said to be a good secret keeper and is surrounded by mystery. How does she know that you accidentally met with a foe to the clan last night? You will never know.. If you ask her something, she will answer straight out. If she can't, she will offer a good reason and is always up for a constructive argument or criticism to improve upon.

History: Moonfire, at that time Spire, was born into the Pack of Twisted Dreams, a nomadic pack surrounded by mystery. However, she and her two siblings, Fathom and Echo, were the sole survivors of the raid from the Blood Tree Pack. Over the summer, they learned together, and not in the traditional wolf style as they were without pack. Because of this, Moonfire has many quirks of knowledge. However, at year one and a half, they separated, looking for different things. Spire renamed herself Moonfire in aknowledgement of the moon on the night of their parting. Then, she set off to find the Blizzard Pack.

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The snow is welcoming, the moon is full.
Your heart is torn, your loyalties gone
Nothing more than a play-toy, no more
Pledging your allegiance to those who ask
Without reason, you are nothing
With reason, you are a curiosity
A snowflake to look at
Messing with your mind, testing your character,
But if you have my loyalty, I will defend you...
To the end.

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